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  • Big Screen Commission:
    Renee Vaughan Sutherland
  • 30 September 2013,

This is the first of a new quarterly artist's commission for Focal Point Gallery. It will be screened daily for three months on the large public screen in Elmer Square, Southend-on-Sea.

For this commission, artist Renee Vaughan Sutherland has collaborated with the Southend based film archive The White Bus. Working closely with the archive, Vaughan Sutherland has digitised and re-edited a selection of film material which spans thirty years, and includes themes from photography and lightning, to poetry and bikers.

This commission will be screened daily, in a random sequence between 8am – 10am, 12pm – 2pm and 4pm – 6pm.

Born in Australia, Vaughan Sutherland now lives and works in London.

For more information on The White Bus, please see their website (