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  • FPG Film Club,
    Southend Film Festival:
    'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'
  • 4 June 2017, 2.00pm
  • Gallery 1

'Tetsuo: The Iron Man', 1989.
Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man was the first in the cyberpunk horror film series from cult-film director Shinya Tsukamoto. Filmed in black and white 16mm with an underground production style, the film depicts a gruesome and unforgiving tale of a businessman who evolves into a strange hybrid of man and machine. With its graphic imagery and challenging ideas, the film’s radical look continues to astound audiences.

Presented as part of the ninth annual Southend-on-Sea Film Festival and the public programme for 'Maximum Overdrive' at Focal Point Gallery.