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  • 'Maximum Overdrive'
    Julia Crabtree and William Evans, Thomas Lock, Nina Wakeford, Lucy Woodhouse

    Focal Point Gallery
  • 20 May to 10 September 2017

Julia Crabtree and William Evans, Thomas Lock, Nina Wakeford, Lucy Woodhouse.

Focal Point Gallery is pleased to present ‘Maximum Overdrive’, an ambitious project that seeks to connect the gallery space to its immediate social context at Elmer Square. Artists, practitioners and community groups are invited to activate set perimeters designed by the gallery, mirroring the role of the square as a challenge to how the gallery space can support and network a wider sphere of social or cultural activity with different modes of technology.

‘Maximum Overdrive’ shares its title with the first and only film written and directed by the acclaimed sci-fi and horror novelist, Stephen King. Released thirty years ago, the film depicts a freak cosmic occurrence in which machines awaken and turn against their human-makers. With an array of iconography specific to an era that saw science and technology reach ground-breaking strides, the show brings together four newly imagined artist commissions that regress upon the realm of possibilities that these new technologies enabled or influenced.

Spanning across multiple apparatus, the show will include a four-channel digital projection space and a series of artist installations located in both the internal and external areas of the gallery.

Accompanied by an open-access digital production space, ‘Maximum Overdrive’ also includes a comprehensive learning and events programme located in the gallery, public square or across a temporary permaculture garden designed and nurtured by Graham Burnett and Project 49.

'Maximum Overdrive' will open with a launch event at the gallery on Saturday 20 May, 6.00pm to 8.00pm