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  • Matthew Butcher
    'Flood House'
    Ruth Ewan
    'All Distinctions Levelled’
  • 28 April to 12 May 2016

‘Flood House’ is a prototype structure that is both a practical and poetic investigation into the living conditions of a seasonally flooded landscape. It will function as part projected future dwelling and part practical laboratory, monitoring the very particular weather conditions of the Thames Estuary in southeast England.

The structure will be moored at various sites in the Estuary and will drift from mudflat to mudflat as if in a future flooded landscape. It will be situated alongside Southend Pier between 28 April and 13 May. A launch event will take place on Saturday 30 April, which will include a talk at Focal Point Gallery, followed by a walk to the Pier and drinks at The Pier Head.

Matthew Butcher, designer and tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, has designed Flood House. Butcher is working with independent curator Jes Fernie and FPG to develop a programme of commissions and events made in response to the project. This programme will include a commission 'All Distinctions Levelled' by acclaimed British artist Ruth Ewan.

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Illustration of 'Flood House' by
Jason Coe